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By connecting mind, body and breath we can “let go”of the physical and mental stresses of everyday life, as well as gain strength, flexibility, confidence and through consistent practice of yoga, cultivate inner peace and happiness.






Suitable for beginners to discover the fundamentals of yoga in a safe environment, and perfect for the experienced yogi looking to deepen their practice and reach a specific goal. 


Antonia creates bespoke 1-1 programmes, carefully tailored to each clients specific needs. Antonia is experienced in leading athletes to help prevent injuries, and relax muscles and she also has experience guiding actors and performer out of their head, and into their body, as well as de-stress and increase calm and mental clarity.


At request, Antonia can provide yoga mat and props, music and essential oil balms. 


Wellness workshops 

Antonia leads bespoke wellness workshops that provide the ultimate wellness experience for you and your group. She combines a variety of Movement, Mindfulness, and Meditation with a particular focus or intention to renew, de-stress, balance and uplift. 


Choose from  45 minutes, two hours or a half day session. 


 The awareness cultivated on the mat, can be transferred into every day life and can be extremely transformative and healing. 


Antonia has led workshops for corporate companies, health clubs and NHS healthcare teams. She has also worked alongside renowned holistic coaches, nutritionists, therapists and health experts.


CorpOrate Yoga

Studies have shown that job stress impacts a staggering 79% of people in the UK, making work related stress one of the most common forms of stress. 


The benefits of well-being in the workplace are huge for both employer and employee, as both sides become better equipped to manage stress, embody more productivity and improve energy levels. 

One of the simplest reasons for introducing a wellness scheme into you workplace is that it will make your employees healthier. Healthier employees are more likely to be more productive and perform better.

 Get in touch to find out more about the mental, physical and emotional benefits and how corporate wellness can support your office.

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