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When I first started yoga, I didn't quite understand the effect it had on me. I was in my early teens, taking my GCSEs and I just loved how it calmed, and centred me during unsettling times. But it wasn’t until I was 19, when I trained as an actress with a London theatre company that I learnt the true disciplines of yoga (mind, body, soul and breath connection). 

The company’s ethos was 'to get out of the mind and into the body', which I found a little unusual at first, but soon learnt that in order for me to truthfully connect to different characters I was playing, I had to truly connect to myself, first. Well, I found this extremely uncomfortable and absolutely terrifying! It was a sudden shock, realising that the life I was living was detached, and stuck. However, I implemented the daily practices of breath work and movement into my daily life.. and, without realising at first, an entire new world of self realisation had opened up inside of me and I began to let go of the sluggish, fearful individual who would over think and get caught up on little things, say yes to everything, and always run out of time! I started to listen to, and trust myself, my choices, my needs, my wants and my perception started to change.

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I moved to Canada, to the middle of the Rockies, aged 20, where I witnessed the most beautiful natural beauty and connection. This is where I continued to discover self-love and acceptance. Self-love is not a vain or arrogant love, its truly accepting yourself just the way you are, understanding your worth, and honouring your differences.

I practised yoga every day, and fell in love with how perfectly it balanced my mind, body and spirit, It  brought overflowing amounts of joy and harmony into my life, which trickled in to my work and relationships, as well as helping me relieve the anxiety and low self esteem I once had. 

A few months before my plane ride home I set out on a road trip to explore BC, I spent days, and weeks hiking through serene natural beauty, around glacier lakes, deep in the forests and snow top mountains. During this time, I gained so much mental clarity and fulfilment that on reflection, it was a form of meditation. Nestled deep in nature, I opened up infinite possibility within myself. One morning I took a 6-hour hike up to the Garibaldi Lake, Whistler BC, and decided there and then that I would travel to India to learn more about yoga. 

At 23 years old I flew to India where I embarked on my 200-hour teacher training. It was a life changing experience full of colour, radiance and culture.

I surrendered to the traditional practices by living, eating, speaking and breathing yoga for 4 weeks straight. That was another moment of transformation. Since returning to the UK, more consciously aware,

I have wanted to share the light of yoga with everyone and anyone around me!


The Yogic Lifestyle 


Ever heard of 'yoga of the mat'? I realised yoga was more of a lifestyle when I started to witness my own life change. I felt better physically, and for the first time ever, everything internally started to function better.I allowed the philosophical teachings to spread through my life and transform not only my physical body but my way of thinking. I became uplifted, and energised and was able to prioritise what was important to me, change what was no longer serving me and find joy in the in-between moments of everyday life. 

Ultimately, yoga  broadens our awareness, allowing us to notice and witness our own behavioural patterns, and daily habits. Therefore, my practise of yoga is also eating nourishing food, prioritising personal needs, being kind to others and choosing people who chose you. The awareness gained  helps get to the root of chronic pain, stress, fatigue, anxiety, gut disregulation and imbalances in the nervous system. 

Yoga is not about being flexible, doing a handstand or proving anything to anyone, but about rebalancing the physical body, opening the mind, and reconnecting you to your true, most authentic self.

To learn more about a yogic lifestyle you can read my blog 'Yogic Lifestyle'.

I hope my practises will help you as much as they have helped me and I am honoured to share the beauty of this practise with you in my yoga classes, mediation sessions, workshops and retreats!

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Wander being to move without a fixed aim, and flow being a feeling of energised focus

is being completely in the zone of exploring yourself, without any expectation, attachment or judgement. 


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